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Dr.N.C.Paul loves and believes in homoeopathic treatment from his childhood days. He began to learn about Homoeopathy from his father (Late Nitai Ch.Paul) at the age of 13. He read homoeopathic books and magazines regularly beside his text books.

His dying and bed-ridden mother had gone through various treatment but in vain,when she recovered by homoeopathic treatment, it proclaimed Dr.Paul’s belief in this pathy. His father was a Sub-Registrar and beside/he also practiced Homoeopathy. He was wishing/desiring that his this second child would become a world famous Homoeopath . To make his father’s dream true, Dr.N.C.paul has been working hard since last 34 years. He passed D.H.M.S from the Homoeopathic collage & Hospital of mihijam with Hon’s in Gyanaecology and Practice of Medicine. Although he completed his graded Degree. B.H.M.S Course here, he could not sit for his final exam.

At first he started his private chamber at Pandit Chhattar Singh Market behind Basant Vihar in New Delhi and also a Charitable Chamber for the distressed.people at R.K.Puram,Sector I.

But he could not stay there for long. He had to return/Come back to his native town Dhubri (Assam) to look after his Paternal Properties and started there his chamber in 1983 as per his mother’s WISH. His fame as a doctor spread in whole Assam in only few months. At present his fame has started to spread even in abroad as well as in india. He has started to treat/attend only chronic and complicated patient to avoid excessive crowd of the patient.

He has given answer to Cancer/many cencer patients. Who are living till now, has saved many lives from Coma, has snatched away/brought back few lives of dying patients from “Yamdut”. He has given child to many/uncountable women. He also given a male child/baby as per their wish to those couple who had a number of daughters in the hope of a son, He has also treated many mental patients and given them their.healthy and normal life. For this he has been awarded the “Hahnemann Memorial Award” as the best Homoeopath in mental Disease from North East. Dr.Paul has also saved his own mother’s life by his treatment for four times in last 25 years. Now a days He has gotten National Awards twice from New Delhi- (1)Chikitsak Ratan Award 2007 and (2) Indian Achiever’s Award For Chikitsak Ratan-2012.

Now he has been living with his chamber and house/resident permanently at SILIGURI in North Bengal since April of 2009. Patients from North Bengal as well as the whole Paschim Banga, Jharkhand, Bihar, Rajasthan, Orissa, Sikkim,Bhutan,Nepal,Malaysia,Singapoore and UAE have in siliguri. He has proved by his treatment that he is one and only/unique even in North Bengal also.

Beside treating Cancer, Infertility,Miscarriage,Mental Disease, Dr.Paul has become successful to make his patient able to give birth to a male or female child/baby as per their wish which is a result of his hard working research. Patients from any status/level of the society and also many Allopaths, Homoeopaths and Ayurbed have recovered and even are recovering/getting recovery by the treatment of Dr.N.C.Paul . Dr.N.C.Paul is a challenging Homoeopath with an exceptional personality, whom everybody loves and somebody even consider him to be the God.

What are the Disease Treated by Dr. N.C.Paul ? How Many Years of Experience he has ?

Any type of chronic , complicated , Mental and Physical illness are being treated by Dr. Paul. The critical & complicated diseases that generally do not tend to cured easily, have been cured successfully by him and thus it is proved that Homoeopathy is the best pathy (comments of the patients who have got good result from Homoeopathy will make it more comprehensive).

Dr. N.C.Paul has acquired vast experience with adequate knowledge of homoeopathic treatment more than 34 years that established him as one of the successful and leading homoeopath in India.