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Initially I have undermind Homoeopathy. Five years back My Son (Debdulal Roy) become mentally ill(Hellucination) and was not properly responding to Allopathy. But under treatment of Dr. N.C.Paul, My Son became almost normal.This proclaimed my faith on Homoeopathy. Dr.Paul is a Homoeopath with exceptional qualities. He raised the standard of selection of medicine by Homoeopathy to a new and greater height.

 I, along with my family members have been immensely benefited by his treatment. Let God give him more oppurtunity to serve the persons at distress.

Name: Dr. J. B. Roy
District: T.B Officer
P.O & Dist- Dhubri (Assam)

My second son Dr.N.C.Paul is a unique Homoeopath, who is completely unparalleled and incomparable. HE HAS SAVED ME FROM CERTAIN DEATH FOR FOUR TIMES IN LAST 20 YEARS, OTHERWISE I HAD TO LEAVE THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD LONG AGO. How to recover a dying patient, should be learnt from him. In fact, he has a spiritual power, what the others do not have.

 For this reason, many dying people like me have survived under his treatment and have been living till now. How dangerous be the disease ,whatever be the name of the disease, you consult him, have complete faith on him and carry on/continue the treatment patiently. You must have recovered . In brief / In a nutshell, nothing can be said about him more than this. When patients call/consider him to be the god, I am filled with excessive happiness. I feel very proud to be the mother of a doctor of such personality. I bless him to be alive among all in this world.

Name:Mrs.Basanti Paul
Address:“Basanti Niketan” College Nagar,

It is noticed that everybody has the desire to have a male child in their family.Having a daughter of 4 years old,we had the same tendency and hope for a male child in the next issue. In the mean time, we got the information of Dr. N.C Paul who earned remarkable reputation in the field of gaining child as per one’s own choice. It is expertise had attracted us and underwent treatment that rewarded us with the greatest gift in the form of a male child on the 18thfeb 2008.

More over , the problem of miscarriage of my wife,Mrs. Sushmita Das was also cured in course of time. We wish Dr. Paul a longlife.

Name:Sri Dhiren Das
Address:M/s New Panacia,
Joydeep Building H.C.Road,Siliguri(W.B)

My Husband, Sri Ashit Ranjan Roy, Was attacked by CANCER in his right Kidney Which Was Operated and cut off as per the advice of the Allopaths in Kolkata in 1986. A few days latter, the same Cancer was found in his Left Kidney. The reputed doctors in Allopathy failed to cure and surenderd shamelessly to the patient giving the ultimatum of 15-20 days of his life. Gradually, he became thin and Weak. and even bleeding started through urine with severe pain.

With little hope of his recovery, he was taken to Dr. N.C.Paul in helpless condition that made the cause of refusal for Dr. Paul at the first sight but my earnest request created generosity in his heart and agreed to treat him. Surprisingly, a rapid improvement could be noticed in the patient within a week. The wonderful treatment of Dr. Paul empowered the patient to regain his lost weight and health with a new life that led him to rejoin his regular job till retirement within a period of two years.

He was found absolutely normal. The magical approach and the positive look of Dr. Paul to the fatal disease of Kidney Cancer made me surprised. I will remain ever greatful to the “Godfather” Dr. Paul for his noble endeavor.

Name:Smt. Pronoti Roy
Address:N.S. Road, P.O & Dist Dhubri (Assam)

THREE BABIES ( WITHIN 2-3 MONTHS) WERE MISCARRIAGE WITHIN 2 YEARS AFTER MY MARRIAGE. My wife, Monika was under reputed Gynaecologist every time. D&C was also done. Unfortunately Monika could not conceive after this. When the Gynaecologist failed to make Monika conceive, One day he very rudely said, “Am I the god that can give baby to your lap?” We were very much depressed. Then one day we, went to world class Homoeopath Dr.N.C.Paul according to my sister-in-law’s advice. At first he saw the report of my Semen Analysis and then Monika’s treatment was started. Monika became pregnant in few days. Parallely the treatment of miscarriage and Normall delivery was going on. We became 50% tention free after 4 months. But we did not stopped treatment under Dr.N.C.Paul. At last Monika gave birth to a male-Child on 6th may 2013 by normal delivery.

The Homoeopathic treatment and Dr.Paul is truly unparallel. We thank Dr. Paul from the core of our heart to make our dark life bright and joyful.

Name: Mr. Nilam Sharma Matigara Bazar,
P.O & P.S Matigara
Dist: Darjeeling WB