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An experienced Homoeopath after careful investigation and interogation prepare case history and accordingly select medicine, its potency and doses. On application of medicine the doctor naturally expects how the selected medicine acts and reacts on the patient or in the form of patients feedback in the form of relief of agony/illness.

Homoeopathic Doctor has to deal patients of different types namely Acute, Chronic & complicated etc. and naturally, could not always expect desired good responses of selected medicines. But the reality is that the doctor takes very much to know the responses to selected medicine as proofing. In most cases the patient fails to brief the doctor the exact responses of the selected prescribed medicine and as a result in spite of having sincere efforts on the part of doctor the patients fails to recover speedily or does not recover at all.

In most cases the patients fail to brief true responses of selected medicine and as a outcome of that the patient fails to get desired result of properly selected medicine and sometimes the treatment becomes time consuming.

  • After taking medicine, State the doctor your exact feeling or the feedback of the prescribed medicine.
  • Let the doctor know the exact changes of symptoms/ the conditions of the patient after taking the prescribed medicine.
  • On the time of reporting neither conceal anything nor exaggerate, if required write down in the form of notes.
  • Express your uncommon feelings/thingking, if any, to the doctor, it will help open up the way of speedyrecovery.
  • Out of shame do not conceal any genital related sysptoms to your doctor, these symptoms might help select proper medicine for you.
  • Misguiding by the wrong reporting/Patient feedback, the doctor more often gets confused and changes the selected medicine and or its potency, and as a result of which recovery takes a lot of times or some time does not cure at all.
  • Prepare patients report/feedback of the patient with patience.
  • Note down Patient’s symtoms systematically so that the doctor can understand the reporting without any further reference.
  • If possible, more often try to visit the doctor personally and inform the doctor your conditions/Problems.
  • Mention without fail if you take/under go any other treatment for immediate pain relief ( like tabs, caps, injections etc ) if any.
  • One should not take any additional medicine, even not any Homoeopathic medicine during the on going treatment excluding some exceptional circumstances/ acute and emergency situations.
  • Report the doctor, at least 7 days before the completion of medicine.
  • Write down the patient name, case no.full address with contact no. (cell/Telephone) on the letter.
  • Reporting through cellphone/Telephone is subject to Prior permission. One the eve of cellphone/ Telephone briefing keep a note with you for timely Completion of reporting.

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